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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”
– Albert Einstein

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Often times when we’re going through challenging times in life it helps to have a coach/mentor to help you get a new perspective and guide you to clear away the resistance within to support you in identifying and following through on the changes that we want to make in our lives. We provide a safe environment to get vulnerable and share what’s really gonig on and help you identify what you really want. Then we work with you to create steps you can take in your life to move past the thinking/knowing information and into the embodiment and transformation from within to be the changes that you want to see so that you can move more purposely towards you goals, and ultimately inner peace and happiness. 


Loved and Trusted by Our Clients
Read what our clients are saying about the differences they’re seeing in their lives and relationships.

“Great big shoutout to Chuy! As a coach Chuy was beyond exceptional. I had many challenges going through the course. I had lots of baggage and a low sexual vision of myself. Chuy completely empathized with my fears. He was able, with much care and patience, to guide me through each challenge along my journey. His whole demeaner was one of light and love… from the gentleness in his voice to the hard truths he helped me face. I am now on a journey with self confidence. He has helped me find the inner sexual beauty that I am today. I would still be lost and feeling alone (despite being married) had it not been for this course and the amazing coach that Chuy is. I truly believe that Chuy is going to help many people find themselves and help them love themselves for many years to come.”

– Kathy

“We were pretty happy with our sex life and thought we had good communication before being coached by Shannon, but WOW did we learn so many great new ways to communicate with a depth we hadn’t realized we were missing. As our communication improved and we learned about our sexuality types our sex life went from great to absolutely amazing. We learned so much about ourselves and each other by working with Shannon. I highly recommend you take this course, it can really bring you even closer together and help you over the issues that can come between you and your partner.”

– Robert

1:1 VIP Coaching


We can help you uplevel your life and relationships, work through a specific challenge you’re facing, or support you through an exploration into knowing yourself and guide you to your desired state. Coaching can be purchased per session or save with a bundle of 4 sessions. 

* Concious Awakening Program

Learn to manifest a new future that brings you what you desire without unwanted emotions, such as anxiety, anger, lack, or trauma. This 5 week program includes step by step instructions on how to learn a method of removing unwanted emotional, mental and physical states from your body with the power of your mind. We also teach you how to replace that old pattern with new, beneficial patterns to bring you peace of mind and happiness from within. The program includes live coaching support, a workbook to guide you through the process, and recorded guided meditations. Start you journey of healing and growth with us today. Our success stories include removing: allergies, anxiety, sciatica, insecurities, panic attacks, pain, worrying, remove emotional triggers, and so much more! We offer both private and group setting for this program.

* End Struggle Now – 5 Accelerated Evolution Healing Processes

These healing processes allow you to eliminate or integrate unwanted emotional states, such as trauma, triggers, fear or anxiety. This package is designed to help you overcome blocks & resistance that keep you stuck in life.  It can also help you with integrating a desired character trait or move past a fear, such as speaking on stage. There are so many ways this can bring you inner peace and improved relationships.

Relationship & Intimacy Exploration

Honest and open communication, with yourself as well as your partner, is the foundation of a strong and connected relationship. Years of trying not to rock the boat can lead to resentments and blocks… which then causes 1 in every 3 relationships to be sexless! We can work with you to identify your triggers and resistance, then help you remove them with specific processing techniques that allow you to move forward towards your goals.  New communication tools and skills are offered to further assist you in your evolution. We help you  heal past woundings, and create action plans to integrate your evolution. You’ll have deeper connection, fulfilling intimacy and amazing sex. Once you’re empowered to know what you need and how to ask for it you’ll find all new levels of pleasure and bonding in your relationship.

* Swinger Lifestyle/Ethical Non-Monogamy Exploration

Are you curious about exploring ethical non-monogamy (ENM), such as  the swinger lifestyle? Increase your chances of having a fun & fulfilling experience and set yourself up for success by starting with a coach to help you through it. Whether you’re curious if this is for you, or you want to know how to get started, or you’ve been involved and you see the need to improve your communications skills and boundaries with your partner… this is a great place to come to for coaching and support. We want you to learn how to avoid the pitfalls and bumps in the road that you can struggle with on your own.  We can coach you through those obstacles by facilitating discussions about your goals and boundaries, explaining the types of events and interactions you’re likely to come in contact with, and help you communicate clearly with your partner what you want to get out of this experience. 


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